Locally, Spiders plague the homes of all that live with this Phobia. The Spider Control Cape Town team of professional Exterminators understand the fear of Spiders, Scorpions and many other Arachnids. We have tailored a specialist service to help those that have this fear. Casual Intruders plague the home of so many Capetonians and Pest Exterminators Cape Town have the solution.


Travel a lot? Chances are, if you have something biting you at night you have brought a few hitch hiking night terrors with you in your luggage. Bedbug Control is a tricky but necessary service. Bed Bugs are illusive and cause distress to those who have no idea what the cause of their bites are. Fortunately Pest Exterminators Cape Town have the answer, we have a team of Pest Extermination Experts


Cockroaches are an all to well known home intruder. Weather its the infamous German Cockroach, the larger American Cockroach or any of our indigenous roach species. Chances are even one Cockroach is one Cockroach too many. Pest Exterminators Cockroach Control have your answer. When is comes to Insects with an advanced level of resistance, we have adopted a species specific approach. .


Are you a pet lover? If you puppy or kitten is scratching more often than not, chances are they have Fleas. Biting Insects such as Mites and Fleas are very common around homes and workplaces. Biting Insects are vehicles of potentially deadly diseases. They can be contracted by merely coming in contact with an affected animal or place.


Mosquitoes may be tricky to some companies. Flying Insect Control is a hit and miss service for some but not for Pest Exterminators. By using the most advanced residual chemical technology available in South Africa, the Mosquito Control Cape Town group of technicians are a cut above the rest.Not only do these blood suckers feed off you while you sleep, they have the potential to transmit nasty diseases..


Rats are dangerous carriers of disease. They carry bacteria such as Salmonella and E-coli from their last unsavory meal to your home or workplace. Pest Exterminators Rat Control in Cape Town is here to help, with cutting edge integrated methods, your premises can be kept free and safe from Rodents Such as Rats, Mice and Rodents. By taking environment factors in account along with bespoke Rodenticide technology our services are unrivaled and safer. Multiple feed rodenticides placed in tamper resistant bait stations are just the start of our industry leading service.

Mice are a part of every day life for some. This doesn’t need to be the case. An out of control Mouse infestation can lead to extensive damage and the spread of dangerous diseases and bacteria, not to mention the parasites that follow a not so innocent family of Mice. Mouse Control Cape Town are a team of Rodent Experts. These seasoned experts identify hot spots related to your infestation. They use this information to apply a safer and more effective method of control.

Flies are a nuisance, they carry bacteria and pathogens from their unsavory foods to yours. These Bugs cause havoc around the home or workplace with some that even Bite. Flies are here to stay unless you employ the services of a professional Extermination company such as the Pest Exterminators Flying Insect Control Cape Town team of professionals. Flies are mostly the cause of an underlying hygiene problem. Identify the species of Fly and your have an idea of why the Fly Infestation is present.

Most Wasps may not be conventional Pests. Invasive species of Wasps are aggressive and a danger to Homey Bees and indigenous wasp species. Wasps of all sorts can sting more than once, a single sting may be painful but a bunch of stings could land you up in hospital. Most Wasp stings are caused by invasive species and the Pest Exterminators Flying Insect Control Cape Town teams know how to identify and treat Wasps accordingly.