Hylotrupes Bajulus
  Old House Borer
Lyctus Breunnens
Powder Post Beetle

Beetle certificates in Cape Town are general conditions in most deeds of sale. Since the early 1990’s it has become a legal requirement that when a property is sold, the owner must obtain a certificate to confirm that the electrical installations adhere to government’s safety standards (SANS 10142-1).

We inspect and issue Beetle Certificates of Compliance in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

The beetle certificate is not a legal requirement but the banks require a beetle certificate as a safety requirement before a bond will be approved for a property and is mostly a condition requirement in the deed of sale.

Pest Exterminators specializes in the rendering of this service. We have become a household name in the Western Cape. We strive to deliver a service of a very high standard in a cost effective way.

We work with Estate Agents and Conveyancing Attorneys to help make the sale of your property as smooth as possible. Where possible, we ensure a direct line of communication with you, the seller, to allow the agent and attorney to focus on their core business.

Pest Exterminators is a reputable company with a proven track record and a very dedicated full time staff compliment. By obtaining your Certificate of Compliance through us you are assured of full compliance with the Code of Conduct by accredited people.

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